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Great stay

I stayed In east seven hostel last week and a had such a great time. A really perfect place to stay in Berlin

<Graham> 05.2014 Eastseven Hostel Berlin
Great Hostel!

We had a super time with you. The next time in Berlin, we will revisit you! Keep up the great work :) http://www.eztradertest.b-

<Malta Schmidt> 05.2014 Eastseven Hostel Berlin
good Hostel

the kitchen is great for meeting people, everyone was nice, clean and funny!

<Ted> 04.2014 Eastseven Hostel Berlin
clean Hostel

Liked: It actually exceeded my expectations. The cleanliness of the wc and shower was great. They had disinfectant in the wc to wipe the seat with! And cleaned wc/shower twice per day. All the basic needs for an accommodation was more than satisfactory. Location close to all major sightseeing, but in a calm street so you won't be disturbed by heavy traffic outside when sleeping. I would definitely stay here again! Great hostel!!Disliked: No elevator, but this shouldn't be a problem for young healthy travelers :)

<Frida67> 04.2014 Eastseven Hostel Berlin
thank you

Liked: EastSeven was one of the best hostels we've stayed in on our 2 month trip through Europe. Very clean and safe, they also had an acoustic guitarist put on a live show during our stay. The kitchen was fully equipped... we used it several times. The staff was helpful and offered beverages for less than some local stores. Overall great experience, we had a private room, but we met many fellow travelers that said the dorms were great. Disliked:

<Jenn78> 04.2014 Eastseven Hostel Berlin
i will be back

I loved every minute of my stay at EastSeven, except for checking out... I did not want to leave! All of the staff were incredibly helpful and friendly and I met some lovely friends in the 8 person dorm. My expectations were exceeded and I will definitely be back next time I am in Berlin.

<Caroline> 04.2014 Eastseven Hostel Berlin
nice stay

Excellent hostel. Staff are fabulous, breakfast is until 1pm, checkout is at 12pm, clean, and great facilities. What's not to love?

<Justin89> 04.2014 Eastseven Hostel Berlin
wonderful stay

Not enough characters to say how wonderful this place was. Felt welcomed by amazing staff, were in close proximity to everything we needed, best atmosphere I've ever experienced (everyone was hanging out and talking all the time), clean and nice rooms, good breakfast (can look past it not being free). Overall just had an outstanding experience here and would recommend to anyone. Will be going back for sure.

<Lisa> 04.2014 Eastseven Hostel Berlin
free shots :)

Staff were incredibly friendly, everything perfect! I won a free shot on the spinning wheel!

<Tom> 04.2014 Eastseven Hostel Berlin
good place!

The 8-bed room I stayed in was massive. Everything is very comfortable and very clean.

<ben> 04.2014 Eastseven Hostel Berlin
fantastic hostel

This was a fantastic hostel, one of the best I've ever stayed at! The staff were incredibly helpful and the hostel itself has a wonderful vibe. It was really easy to make friends, and easy to get places. Definitely a wonderful experience and everything I was looking for on my travels!

<Steve> 04.2014 Eastseven Hostel Berlin
super stay

Liked: Its location although not in the center, is only two stops from Alexanderplatz U subway line and from there to three other stops Brandenburger Tor with S line is the point at which to start any visit to Berlin. A definite plus free wifi that worked in any room of the hostel. Highlight also very noticeably clean both the room like especially the bathrooms. Everything spotless. Their friendly staff will help you all we needed. Highlight the great "Happy hour" with 1.50 beers. Many restaurants in the area of all types. Of the more noteworthy, Turkish called Babel a few blocks from the hostel and a restaurant serving all kinds of food at the beginning of the road from the hostel near the metro stop Senefelder. Would stay at again EastSeven Berlin. Thank you very much all over from Spain!Disliked: Nothing.

<Jay> 04.2014 Eastseven Hostel Berlin
great stay

Staff was very friendly and helpful! Security was good, I still have the bracelet they use to identify guests. Location is good, easy to get to Alexanderplatz so easy to get back to. Bathrooms were very clean! Bed was comfy. Breakfast was not bad, the free cup of coffee with it helped for the price. Walking tours and pub crawls pick up in hostel which is nice. I would definitely stay here again! Great hostel!

<Chris> 04.2014 Eastseven Hostel Berlin

Would highly recommend, it's small in comparison to others but instead of this being a negative it makes the hostel even better. I was worried before I went as I didn't know what to expect but I was happily surprised. It is better than some hotels I have visited.

<todd> 04.2014 Eastseven Hostel Berlin

Na, ein Gluck, das ich in Mathe so gut war!Ich schlafe immer hier, wenn ich in Berlin bin, den meien Eltern haben kein Gästebett, das nur für den Enkel! Sehr ruhig, sehr nette Rezeptionistin, die freundliche Steffi!!!!100% AI, so muß es sein. Danke sehr!

<Gunnar Freitag> 10.2013 Eastseven Hostel Berlin
very nice hostel

best hostel I have stayed on five continents

<Rick> 10.2013 Eastseven Hostel Berlin

Really friendly staff, great facilities, super cheap breakfast available, big dorm rooms, clean, luggage storage etc, pretty much everything you need in a hostel!

<natalie> 10.2013 Eastseven Hostel Berlin
Loved the place!

It was a very nice experience! loved the place and the location! Will definitely advice my friends to stay over when they visit Berlin...and Steffi was absolutely wonderful and helpful onto arrival :)

<Ana> 09.2013 Eastseven Hostel Berlin

This was one top hostel. The staff were very helpful and able to assist whenever we need them. The happy hour from 8 to 10pm nightly was brilliant (and even after that the beers were cheap). Great size common area and the walking tour they organised was the best one I have been on. Only one criticism was the lack of a lift service. Rooms / bathrooms were clean and modern.

<Ryan> 09.2013 Eastseven Hostel Berlin

I think this one is the best hostel I've ever been into. Really friendly and helpful staff, they gave us good tips for visiting; the hostel is 2 minutes walking to Senefelderplatz, just two stops to Alexanderplatz so the position is very good. The structure is absolutely clean and the kitchen was perfect, way far the best one we've ever been; rooms are pretty big for being in an hostel. I've never been in other hostels in Berlin so I don't know if it's the best one of the city but I'm pretty sure it is.

<Fabio> 08.2013 Eastseven Hostel Berlin

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